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We produce useful human resource related articles and templates in the areas of Recruitment, Compensation & Benefits, Career Planning, Training, Organization and Compensation Structuring, Profiling and other interesting areas.

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Jobs in Bank/Finance/Securities

A career in banking and finance is one of the most lucrative and stable in any country. This includes related areas like stock exchanges, bourses and securities where there are countless job and career opportunities to consider.

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If you are comfortable with figures and is able to analyze the market well, then a career in banking, finance and securities could well be the right direction for you. Find out about the available jobs and areas of expertise that are currently in demand as well as what type of companies offer such jobs.

On top of that, make an assessment on the salary scale and see how much you can earn.

Jobs in Computing and IT Sector

The Information Technology (IT) and Computing industry have been one of the most exciting disciplines in terms of job opportunities in the past decade.

This sector continues to attract the top professionals in Computer Science, Software Engineering and related areas. With the advent of the internet and Social Media, the Computing/IT sector has become more exciting with new jobs and opportunities being created to attract more knowledge-based workers.

If you are interested in venturing into this as your career path, check out the latest information and job vacancies and find out who are the major players that are offering jobs in this industry.

Education Jobs

The education sector is seen as one of the most stable industries because education is always needed whether it is in the private or public schools. If you have the qualifications in an area-specific level and would like to venture into education as your career path, there are lots of opportunities especially in Malaysia where this industry is booming.

Find out what the salary scale is like for the qualifications you have and which institutions are best known for teaching. Learn from the experts about what you can expect and what the traits that are needed to be an educator are.

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Human resources and employment

The Human Resources and Employment sector offers a lot of job opportunities and career options for you if you are qualified in these areas.

You will be involved in recruitment, interviewing, training, professional development and related areas for the people of a company. Your responsible is crucial to ensure the job satisfaction among its employees is observed at all times. This is the section which will explain to you in detail what these jobs entail and what you can expect from them.

Learn about what other professionals have experienced in their respective careers and how you will be able to grow in this industry.

Medical & Healthcare Jobs in Malaysia

The Medical and Healthcare industry is one of the few very stable industries in any country today. Becoming a part of this workforce can be quite a challenge as it takes many years of practice and experience.

As more and more people become health conscious and the rising needs of medical treatment, the demand for healthcare and medical personnel are fast rising as well. Find out what are the many areas of medicine that you can explore if you intend to get into this industry.

Learn about the different aspects of the expertise and specialization that you can contribute and what they can offer you.

Career in Legal profession

As a member of the legal profession, your role can come in many different ways. You can be a practicing lawyer in the civil or criminal cases or you can be a legal advisor in the respective industries.

Whichever it is, you must be well versed with the legal system of the country and be qualified according to the regulations of the profession. Lawyers are highly respected for their knowledge of the law and the methods they practice in this industry.

Explore the many areas of legal jobs that are available and how you can be part of this exciting community.

Jobs and Career Resources

We have compiled important career resources to aid in your job search and to help you prepare for your career journey. Below is a list of resources which you will find in our website. These resources are placed in our website to make your career search enjoyable and fun. Hence, please copy them and use them as it may apply to your situation. Most of the resources are customised for the Malaysian context.
If you do not find a resource which you need, please email to us, so that we can include it for you. Please click on the link, which will open a new page with the actual samples or templates for you to use.

Cover Letter Tips and Samples

We have placed several sample cover letters as well as tips on writing “winning” cover letters.

Other Correspondence Letters

Here you will find several sample letters which you would need, such as Thank You letters, Acceptance letters, Rejection Letter,etc.


How to prepare for an interview and questions which are generally asked in an interview. Some important pointers for attending interviews.

Resume Writing Guide – 2016 version

Important information on formats.

Job Negotiations and Acceptance

We have handled many job negotiations on behalf of our candidates. Based on our experience we have documented into samples and attachments.

Dress & Etiquette

How to dress for the different occassions in the interview or job search process?

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